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Adriana Melissa Chong García


Old School Recorder


    Since I was little, I've been interested in the process of video creation, which developed into a passion for film. I started by watching YouTube videos and replicating them, just as a child would re-write their favorite book in their own words. Around middle school, I created Minecraft gameplays by recording my laptop's screen. I also filmed myself telling jokes and acting them out. By high school, my interest in filmmaking began developing. I dived into photography and applied those concepts to videography. This led me to my first short film, more so a documentary, about the pandemic. Since then, I've been experimenting with different types of videos such as ads, product reviews, how-to's, etcetera. Though, my main focus is short films to make full-length movies.    Currently, I'm brainstorming ideas to make into feature films. The ones I can develop into short films in the meantime I make and upload. Check them out by clicking the YouTube and Instagram buttons below!

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